Monthly Rate Calculator

You can calculate your estimated monthly cost to process credit cards with this tool. This tool will not account for downgrade charges or any other miscellaneous fees, but it should give a decent indicator of the minimum monthly cost to accept credit cards. Fill out all of the fields to the best of your ability. Do not put dollar signs $ or percentage signs % in the form fields...

Discount Processing Rate:
(Example: 1.75)
Transaction Fee:
(Example: .25)
# of Transactions per Month:
Average Sale Amount:
Monthly Minimum Fee:
(Example: 15.00)
Monthly Statement Fee:
(Example: 10.00)
Monthly Gateway Fee
(Internet Merchants - Example: 15.00)
Your Monthly Processing Cost:
Your Total Monthly Revenue:
Overall Effective Percentage:
Monthly Processing Cost with MG:
Estimated Annual Savings with MG:
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